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About Our Hearing Center

Center for Better Hearing, LLC was established to meet the growing needs of the hearing impaired population in Middlesex and Hartford Counties. The incidence of hearing loss in the general population is often overlooked and untreated, yet the effects of a hearing loss are not to be ignored. The emotional and social ramifications of a hearing loss are many. Children with a hearing loss experience multiple difficulties including delayed speech development and educational problems. The adult population, especially the middle aged and elderly, may be affected with decreased social activities, depression, paranoia, and isolation from family and friends as a result of a decrease in hearing. Often times, in the elderly, hearing loss can be mistaken for confusion when in fact it may be a hearing loss that is going untreated.

At Center for Better Hearing, LLC, an audiologist will assess your hearing and determine the appropriate treatment for your needs, whether it be referral to a physician, assistive listening devices or amplification. At Center for Better Hearing, LLC we look to address your communication needs in a professional and timely manner.