5 Exciting Features of Today’s Hearing Aids

At one point, the most exciting feature to highlight about hearing aids was that they were digital instead of analog. We’ve come a very long way in a very short amount of time since then. These days, hearing aids are more like mini-computers, smart devices, placed directly in our ears, helping us hear more naturally and easily connect to the world and devices around us.

With new features coming out all the time, you may be interested to hear just what some of the latest hearing aids can do for you.

Hearing aid nuts and bolts

While hearing aids come in many styles and offer a range of different features, they all have the same basic functionality to help manage hearing loss:

  • First, the microphone picks up sound and creates a digital code for it.
  • Second, the amplifier takes the digital code from the microphone and enhances it to increase the level of the sound.
  • Third, the speaker translates the code back into sound and sends it to the inner ear where it is picked up by the hairlike structures of the inner ear and sent on to the brain to be understood as sound, or “heard.”

Every hearing aid includes a power source (battery), which may be conventional or rechargeable. Hearing aids also may consist of a dome or an earmold that sits in or just outside the ear canal.

From there, manufacturers are adding a wide variety of features to help anyone with hearing loss hear better no matter their lifestyle or unique diagnosis.

The newest hearing aid features:

Bluetooth Connectivity

There is no arguing that we are living in a time of connectivity. The newest hearing aids are no exception and are often able to connect to our phones and other electronic devices via Bluetooth and wireless capabilities. This feature creates seamlessness for users that makes using electronics with hearing loss easier than ever, whether it’s watching TV or talking to a friend on the phone. Some hearing aids even rely on these capabilities to help hearing aids function together for a better overall hearing experience.

Smartphone Compatibility

Hearing aids connecting to smartphones isn’t just about more effortless conversations with friends and family. Many hearing aids now allow users to adjust volume and sound quality through an app on the phone. This not only gives people more control for a more personalized experience with their hearing aids in any situation, but it also saves a trip to their hearing healthcare professional’s office for adjustments. It’s as easy as opening an app and making a couple of quick changes.

Phone to text

Some hearing aids transcribe calls in real-time, allowing you to easily read and respond without the frustration and confusion that can sometimes happen with hearing loss.

Enhanced sound quality

One of the most common concerns with hearing aids is the sound quality, especially with background noise. Hearing aid companies continue to advance technology to address this concern, and many of today’s hearing aids offer the advanced capability for understanding speech while reducing background noise.

Artificial Intelligence

With the wearables market exploding, some hearing aids now offer similar features thanks to AI. These hearing aids can help monitor mental and physical health even as they help you hear better.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg. Hearing aid manufacturers, working with top experts in the hearing health field, are quickly developing advanced hearing aids with features for everyone.

If you have hearing loss, don’t wait to learn more about your options. Schedule an appointment with us today to see how exciting new features like these can help you manage your hearing loss.

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